“What ‘Apple Park’ lacks in branding pizazz, it makes up for in architectural oomph,” Evan Dashevsky reports for PC Magazine. “The campus was a passion project conceived by Steve Jobs during his final years and is truly a work of high-end structural engineering.”

Here are some of the coolest facts about the new complex:

• Once the dust settles, the total cost of the campus is expected to be about $5 billion.
• Once fully operational, the campus will house up to 12,000 employees.
• The Park’s inner courtyard will be home to a 30-acre green space complete with mini fruit orchards including apricot, olive, and apple trees… [and] will also host an herb garden and pond.
• Parking is built both underground and in two large parking structures accommodating approximately 14,200 employees.
• The campus’s ring-shaped main building will cover 2.8 million square feet. That’s about 49 standard football fields.

Ten more Apple Park facts in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Just get in there already and start focusing on the core businesses (i.e. Macintosh) again!

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