“Apple sold a record 78.29 million iPhones over the 1Q 17 quarter,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet. “That’s a lot of iPhones. So many that quite a few people have said that they just can’t get their heads around it.”

“That means that for the 98 days that spanned the quarter Apple sold 798,877 iPhones a day, or 33,286 every hour, or 554 every minute,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “That works out at more than nine iPhones sold a second, for every second during that 98-day period. And remember that each of those iPhones sold for an average of $695.”

“Assuming that each boxed iPhone weighs approximately 500g, give or take,” Kingsley-Hughes reports, “that’s over 39,000 metric tons of iPhones, which is the equivalent of about 630 Abrams M1A2 battle tanks.”

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MacDailyNews Take: 39,000 metric tons! Holy crap, that’s nearly half a Mike Daisey!

Apple smashes Street; iPhone, Services, Mac and Apple Watch set all-time records – January 31, 2017