During the 98-day 2016 holiday quarter, Apple sold 39,000 metric tons of iPhones; over 9 iPhones per second

“Apple sold a record 78.29 million iPhones over the 1Q 17 quarter,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet. “That’s a lot of iPhones. So many that quite a few people have said that they just can’t get their heads around it.”

“That means that for the 98 days that spanned the quarter Apple sold 798,877 iPhones a day, or 33,286 every hour, or 554 every minute,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “That works out at more than nine iPhones sold a second, for every second during that 98-day period. And remember that each of those iPhones sold for an average of $695.”

“Assuming that each boxed iPhone weighs approximately 500g, give or take,” Kingsley-Hughes reports, “that’s over 39,000 metric tons of iPhones, which is the equivalent of about 630 Abrams M1A2 battle tanks.”

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MacDailyNews Take: 39,000 metric tons! Holy crap, that’s nearly half a Mike Daisey!

Apple smashes Street; iPhone, Services, Mac and Apple Watch set all-time records – January 31, 2017


  1. Now take some of that profit and give us the Mac Pro we want and not the Mac Pro Jony Ives is trying to win a design award for, but something useful & versatile Pro’s can actually love, use, upgrade and appreciate. Us Broken Record’s will not stop.

  2. 39,000 metric tons is about equal to the amount of shit/fake news generated by the blogosphere each quarter.

    All hail Nikkei: “Our supply chain checks show Apple cutting iPhone orders”.
    All hail Kuo: “My supply chain checks show Apple producing between 70 MM and 75 MM iPhone 7’s this quarter.

    And there are more, many more.

    1. There are so many fake news out there, Don’t know who we can believe in or trust any more?. The funny thing is those morons are not accountable for such negative fake news. They should be fined significantly if they are caught.

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