Apple’s iPhone 7 keeps converting Android users

“Apple on Tuesday released its financial report for the first quarter of fiscal year 2017, revealing record sales number for the iPhone,” Chris Smith reports for BGR. “The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were huge hits during the Christmas quarter, Apple said during the earnings call, revealing that it saw record iPhone 7 sales to upgraders but also to Android switchers during the period.”

“Apple sold 3.5 more million iPhones in the holiday quarter, setting a new record for the company,” Smith reports. “‘We did have an exceptional quarter with iPhone, and that was with the backdrop of not predicting the demand very well [on] the iPhone 7 Plus, and therefore being in constraint on it through the quarter,’ Tim Cook said during Apple’s Q&A session with analysts. ‘If you look at the absolute number of upgraders, it was the highest that we’ve seen in any quarter, and if you look at the switcher number, it’s the highest that we’ve seen in any quarter.'”

“The CEO highlighted strong iPhone 7 sales for China during the period, saying that 50% of iPhone sales were to switchers and first-time buyers,” Smith reports. “Apple never says how many users leave the platform for Android. But during the call, it emphasized that its user base is growing rather than shrinking. The iPhone install base ‘is growing strong double digits,’ Maestri said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: More and more Android settlers are asking themselves, “Why settle for a pretend iPhone, exploding or otherwise, when you can have the real thing for the same or even less money?”

Welcome into the light, former Fragmandroid sufferers!

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  1. Even if Apple isn’t converting huge numbers of Android users, hopefully those iPhone switchers will stay with iPhones over time and keep enlarging the iPhone’s customer base. This will be great for Apple’s services future. Although Wall Street considers this nothing, it does represent a steady future income.

    All Wall Street is concerned with is rapid growth. Some Chinese company comes along and sells a lot of smartphones in a year, then the next year that company is gone and some new one will take its place. This sort of rotating growth seems to get people excited even though it doesn’t last. Meanwhile, although iPhone growth has slowed, the customer base continues to grow and hopefully iPhone sales continue to grow slowly but steadily. That’s a good thing for Apple. Sure, Android smartphone market share percentage will always be high but only a couple of companies are going to benefit from it at any one time.

  2. Have been using Android since long and let me tell you it turns to turd after a year of use. It always does especially when an update is released and the phone starts auto update.

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