“Apple is a company at a crossroads,” StockNews.com writes. “On one hand, it books more profit per quarter than any other firm in the world. On the other, its sales growth has completely stalled.”

“Apple is very, very cash rich. Thus, it can afford to keep raising its dividend, execute more share buybacks, and if it wants to, buy almost any company on earth,” StockNews.com writes. “Apple is traditionally very picky when it comes to acquisitions. Generally, the company prefers to purchase smallish tech firms whose technology can be quickly integrated into its own platforms.”

Here are some acquisition ideas that Apple could — and should – consider:

1. Netflix
2. Spotify
3. Electronic Arts
4. AMD
5. Tesla

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MacDailyNews Take: Buying Spotify would be interesting as it would not only be Apple’s slarget-ever acquisition but also basically corner the market on music subscriptions. What do you think of the others?