Users of Apple’s new MacBook Pro report improved battery life with macOS 10.12.2

“Apple released macOS 10.12.2 [earlier this week] with stability improvements and fixes for several key bugs, including major graphics issues plaguing some late 2016 model MacBook Pro users,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors. “What the changelog did not mention is that Apple also removed the ‘time remaining’ battery life indicator following an increasing number of battery life complaints, likewise among new MacBook Pro users.”

“What it may have also failed to mention is that macOS 10.12.2 appears to have led to battery life improvements for some users,” Rossignol reports. “A growing number of MacRumors forum members using the new MacBook Pro claim to be experiencing longer battery life after updating to macOS 10.12.2, despite experiencing less-than-desirable battery life while running macOS 10.2.1 just days earlier.”

Rossignol reports, “Many of the users using battery apps like coconutBattery have noticed their new MacBook Pro’s battery is discharging with lower wattage, and if accurate, the lower power consumption would certainly lead to longer battery life.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good news, obviously!

As we wrote yesterday, “When CPU power management techniques are thwarted by some software, that’s usually when you see these significant battery issues in otherwise identical systems.”

It looks like Apple has rather quickly fixed issues for at least some users’ MacBook Pro units.

Apple ‘fixes’ MacBook Pro battery life issue by removing the ‘time remaining’ clock – December 14, 2016


  1. It would help a lot if Apple allowed users more controls.

    For example — the 15″ MBP has both integrated graphics and discrete graphics. The MBP switches between the two without indication, and but is absolutely no way to turn off the discrete graphics entirely if the user needs to eek out maximum battery life.

    Instead of taking away a useful battery monitor, Apple, how about giving users better power management controls?

    You can count on Apple not getting the clue when by next year at this time, power users will be toting around overpriced USB-C external rechargeable battery packs in their laptop bags with their collection of adapters.

    Thin is just not the most important aspect of this user’s experience. Could we just have some models with 14 hours battery life and the option for 32 GB RAM? Put it in a 17″ model if that’s what you have to do. Just stop putting fashion above all else, Apple.

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