“I’m, just like the majority of photographers, confused about what Apple just released,” Martijn Kort writes for Niume. “Their MacBook Pro line was embraced by the creative users because of the very good software (the OS and how it works with other apps) and the fact that all ports were there. You didn’t [need] anything else. Just plug it in and it works. When you are in the field and what to backup your shots, just put it in the SD card reader and off you go.”

“Now things are different,” Kort writes. “‘Think different,’ right?!'”

“Starting off with the new touch bar. Will this change up or speed up my workflow? I’m not sure. If I can program all my custom keyboard shortcuts in photoshop to it and if I can have control over when they appear, depending on the selected too I use at that moment, then this could be a time safer,” Kort writes. “I’m really annoyed about the fact that Apple has removed the SD card reader. Sure a lot of camera’s feature wifi. But transferring large files over wifi can be a time consuming and battery draining task. So when I have a wifi enabled body, I’ll need even more batteries to be able to backup my work. Or again, use a dongle to connect my extra SD card reader.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, SD card users who eschew wireless SD cards or dongle will need to pick up a simple USB-C SD card reader (which are quite inexpensive).

“I want a display that uses as much of the color space as possible,” Kort writes. “Asus has a few good ones, but then again I don’t like windows… [Apple] made the retina screen even better and they are back at the top of the competition once again. So in the end the new Retina display together with macOS made me order a new MacBook Pro with the specs I want… In the end I want a machine on which I can rely and that can do the tasks I throw at it with ease. And for me, that isn’t a Windows machine, but an Apple MacBook Pro.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Smart choice.

One thing to keep in mind when change happens (longtime Mac users are used to this): Apple doesn’t make decisions, especially about hardware, without deep consideration. Without Apple leading the way into the future, we’d be mired in and held back by antiquated ports, storage media, UIs, and input devices.

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