“The new MacBook Pro tells us a lot about Apple’s plan for the Mac in today’s mobile world, and it doesn’t revolve around saving the PC,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon. “All of Apple’s major product categories are interrelated. The goal or job for each is to gain enough capability to reduce the importance of the next most powerful product. For example, the goal of the iPad is to handle so many tasks that we no longer need a Mac.”

“In this theory, the Mac’s role is to serve as the product that pushes the rest of Apple’s product line forward,” Cybart writes. “As [Apple SVP Phil] Schiller put it, the Mac desktop’s role is to ‘challenge what we think a computer can do and do things that no computer has ever done before.'”

“The new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar demonstrates how Apple is placing a very different bet than Microsoft. The sheer amount of criticism pointed at the new MacBook Pro from a small but vocal segment of the Mac user base demonstrates how much risk is found with Apple’s bet… As Phil Schiller explained to The Independent earlier this week, Apple was expecting pushback from some of its Mac users. This is a sign that Apple was aware that it was placing a big bet with lots of risk,” Cybart writes. “Apple’s bet with the new MacBook Pro is that the Touch Bar will position the Mac as a tool that is able to push mobile devices forward.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote earlier today: “You can see immediately how useful and valuable the Touch Bar will be. It’s groundbreaking and it will change the way you use your Mac.”

How Apple’s stock apps will use the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro – November 4, 2016