“A report from last night suggests that Apple is planning to drop the 11-inch MacBook Air when it unveils new MacBook Pro models later this month,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac.

“Macotakara has an above-average track-record, but the move would – on the face of it – seem surprising. The 11-inch Air has always served two purposes,” Lovejoy writes. “First, it has been the machine of choice for those who want a Mac in the sleekest possible form-factor. It of course lost that role when Apple launched the 12-inch MacBook, so that side of things makes sense.”

“But the 11-inch machine also served a second role since the plastic MacBooks were phased out: as the entry-level machine designed to bring new customers into the Mac world,” Lovejoy writes. “In particular, it appealed to students on a tight budget – customers whose lifetime value to Apple would be huge once hooked on Macs from a young age. It’s not a market Apple would want to abandon.”

“So what might Apple be planning if the rumor is true?” Lovejoy asks. “One way or another, Apple is going to want to keep that entry-level path open.”

Lovejoy looks at Apple’s current line-up and four possibilities her sees in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: With our eyes firmly on the 12-inch MacBook for our road Macs (until we’re distracted by the new MacBook Pro), we’re certainly amenable to a “big price-drop.”

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