“That’s a trick question. Apple cares,” Bambi Brannan writes for Mac360. “But it’s 2016. It’s nearly five years after co-founder Steve Jobs died. So, Apple cares different.”

“CEO Tim Cook’s Apple is not Steve Jobs’ Apple, and that’s a fact we have to get over,” Brannan writes. “Cook is an engineer. Jobs was an artist. That means we can expect Apple to act more like how an engineer would run the show vs. how the mercurial Jobs ran Apple.”

“Right up front we can see that Apple cares differently about shareholders. We can argue all day about what Steve Jobs would have done with Apple’s tens of billions in riches, but it’s safe to safe stock buybacks and dividends were not high on his list,” Brannan writes. “If the average customer doesn’t care that much about a product line refresh, and the enterprise customer doesn’t care as much about massive leaps in new technology, then why should Apple care about those of us who bang the drums and cry to the heavens that Apple is doomed because some products are not refreshed as often as we prefer? Trick question again. Apple cares about us. But Apple doesn’t care about us as much as we want Apple to care about us.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Needlessly leaving money on the table isn’t smart business.

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