“Most of Apple’s product lines are severely overdue for a refresh,” Joel Hruska writes for ExtremeTech. “Apart from the recently refreshed MacBook, many of the company’s Mac products are well over a year old. The Mac Mini is nearly two, the high-end workstation Mac Pro is almost three, and the sole remaining non-Retina MacBook Pro is now more than four years old.”

“Apple’s relatively lax refresh cycle is mostly driven by the low rate of improvements in PC hardware these days,” Hruska writes. “Apple is just more honest about it… Apple has held off on making fundamental platform changes precisely because it’s been waiting for the underlying technology to advance enough to make the changes worthwhile.”

Hruska writes, “I’m not an Apple apologist.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, you are an Apple apologist.

There is no reason for a company with $200+ billion dollars on hand to sit around with their thumbs up their asses regarding any aspect of their business, much less one that sold 4.252 million units for revenue of $5.239 billion in the last 91-day period.

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