“There’s been a bit of a hoopla over the past few days about Macs, and why Apple is slow to update Macs,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “A quick peek over at the Mac buyer’s guide on Macrumors does suggest that Apple is slow at updating Mac hardware. Other than the MacBook — which, at the time of writing was updated 108 days ago — every Mac feels older than dirt, and has a ‘don’t buy’ rating. Apple’s top-end, aimed-at-the-pros Mac Pro is nearing 1,000 days since an upgrade, and it’s been over 650 days since the Mac Mini saw an upgrade.”

“OK, so what’s going on here?” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “Apple works for Apple. Everything the company does has its roots in either saving money or bringing more money in… It would be trivial for Apple to update its Macs, especially if we’re just focusing on say the CPU, GPU, and RAM… Changing things like the shell is a different matter, and involves more engineering and testing, but for a company with the resources that Apple has, even this isn’t a huge deal… The only reason Apple is slow to update Macs is because it chooses to be slow to update them.”

“Mac sales have been hovering around the four to six million mark for the past 12 quarters. Apple is clearly happy with sales being at this level, and clearly believes that constantly tinkering with the Mac lineup wouldn’t move the needle significantly. Another factor to bear in mind is that the longer Apple can go between upgrades, the more profits it makes on a Mac thanks to ever-decreasing component prices,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “I get it that if you’re someone who likes to buy new hardware every year or so that this lack of new Macs is frustrating, but this doesn’t seem to be how Apple operates any more. If you don’t like this, then maybe you’d be better switching to the Windows ecosystem, where OEMs release new hardware on a regular basis.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Let’s enjoy a couple of Tim Cook quotes, shall we?

Companies that get confused, that think their goal is revenue or stock price or something; you have to focus on the things that lead to those. — Tim Cook

Apple has a culture of excellence that is, I think, so unique and so special. I’m not going to witness or permit the change of it. — Tim Cook

Does ignoring millions of customers in order to greedily milk old Macs for profit in any way fit with either of those two quotes?

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