“As if the 80 or so minutes he spent showing off the iPhone weren’t enough, Steve Jobs concluded his 2007 Macworld Expo keynote in San Francisco with one final bombshell unveiling,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “It wasn’t a piece of hardware or an OS update, but it was just as significant: As he was summing up Apple’s increasingly diverse product line, Jobs announced a change that signaled a new direction for the company, one perhaps even more telling than the revolutionary mobile phone unveiled moments earlier.”

“‘The Mac, iPod, Apple TV, and iPhone. Only one of those is a computer. So we’re changing the name,’ said Jobs,” Simon writes. “Apple Computer became Apple Inc. And thus began the post-PC revolution, a conscious cultural shift that demoted the Mac to a device and gradually pushed it into the background. Over the years since, Apple’s innovations have been largely relegated to the mobile space, only appearing on the Mac after they’ve emerged as established, dependent technologies.”

MacDailyNews Take: Actually, Steve was being duplicitous; hiding perceived complexity for marketing purposes. All four are plainly computers, as he well knew. And as Apple obviously still knows full well today.

Simon writes, “No one knows for sure what Apple’s long-term plans are for the Mac, but it’s pretty clear that there isn’t a whole lot of attention being devoted to its longest running product.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There will be new Macs, including MacBook Pro models, for the foreseeable future. Desktop “Mac Pro?” The jury is still out, but Apple’s silence so far is deafening.

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