“While you can always cop an old Macintosh off of Craiglist, there might be an even easier way to quench your nostalgia for 1980’s Apple antiques,” Mix writes for TNW.

“A designer by the name of James Friend has built this awesome Macintosh Plus emulator that lets you run the notorious Macintosh System 6 natively in your browser – and without the need of any additional plugins or extensions,” Mix writes. “Just like the real thing, the simulated demo comes with a number of classic applications including MacDraw, MacPaint and Kid Pix.”

“If you’re looking to test out more apps and games, you might wanna try this alternative version of the simulator instead,” Mix writes. “There, you can mess around with popular apps like Word and Excel as well as legendary games like Risk and Cannon Fodder.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Friend’s System 7 emulator is here.