Apple CEO Cook: We’re innovating like crazy

“Despite the expected sales decline, investors found reason for encouragement in Apple’s June quarter earnings, and the stock is up about 7% as of this writing,” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha. “Apple gave indications that the next iPhone will continue to be innovative and have a strong launch in September. In addition to iPhone, Apple is expected to update a number of product lines, including Mac and Watch. Investors have much to look forward to this fall.”

“As usual, Apple management refused to answer any questions regarding product plans, which was uppermost in analysts’ minds during the Fiscal Q3 earnings conference call held on 7/26. But perhaps, stung by the ongoing narrative of the ‘non-innovative’ iPhone, CEO Tim Cook just couldn’t help himself,” Hibben writes. “When questioned by Goldman Sachs analyst Simona Jankowski about regaining iPhone share in China, Cook had this to say: ‘…if you look at our share over time, our share in China tends to peak during launch windows. There’s a higher high and a lower low there. There’s a bigger difference between those two. And so what we have to do and what we’re doing is innovating like crazy and delivering the best smartphone to our customers there. And if we do a really great job of that, which we will, then I’m confident that we’ll do well.'”

“In the past, when Cook has directly contradicted or rebuked Apple critics, he’s usually been proven out, so I take his assertion as a good indicator,” Hibben writes. “Of course, innovation is in the eye of the beholder to some degree, but there were other concrete signs of Apple’s innovation efforts.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Patience, Padawans.


    1. Unless you (and a whole lot of other people) are prepared to buy a “No-Intel-Inside” Mac then JSTFU. Intel is in the critical path. Whats the point of releasing computers with, near enough, the same processing power as they already have?

      You are either a TROLL or just dumb as hell.

      1. YOU are either a Troll or Dumb As Hell.

        Multiple other manufacturers (even Dell !! ) are already shipping laptops and desktops with the current generation processors from Intel. Apple buys enough processors from Intel to be on the very leading edge of delivery of the newest and best processors from Intel. The same goes for either AMD or Nvidia with regard to graphics chips/boards.

        The hardware in most Macs is typically a generation (and in some cases two generations) behind what competitors are shipping — and I’m not talking about just the Intel CPUs here. This is just simple fact.

        1. Hey Dummy,

          “Multiple other manufacturers……. current generation processors from Intel.”

          SO WHAT???? They are too close to the processing power that already exists in todays Macs. They simply do not have the power to carry the Mac line for a year or even six months. What would be the point of releasing a Mac with a slight bit more power only to have to redo it a couple of months later? If the new processors were such “incredible beasts” compared to existing product Apple would have done the redesign. But they are not!

      2. Case in point, the Mac Pro. Why did Apple decide to handicap the Mac Pro with practically non-upgradeable GPUs? I could understand if Apple was going to manufacture their own GPUs for their own use but what other graphics company is going to build specific GPUs for the trash-can Mac Pro. The current Mac Pro was a bonehead move on Apple’s part. Apple might as well had upgraded the cheese-grater models to accept the latest CPUs and GPUs. Sure, Cook can call the trash-can Mac Pro innovative but it basically doesn’t have a decent upgrade path to keep it competitive with other companies’ pro machines.

        1. Apple is more about fashion than function now. What is important is that the Mac Pro look cool and sleek. Never mind that it’s a turkey.

          As long as it looks cool, that’s all that matters.

      3. for certain uses Macs today are falling behind.

        Look at GPU speeds. shows a 6 year old Mac Pro with slower subsystem and processors but with Upgraded Video card running a GPU intensive game Diablo 3 beating current macs by a wide margin .

        2010 Mac Pro with Upgraded Card : 181 fps
        iMac 5k : 75 fps

        current cylinder Mac Pro D700 : 73 fps
        (lowest price with d700 is over $4500 !)

        Macbook Pro retina : 27 fps

        A hackintosh (with faster subsystem than that 6 year old MP) or high end windows machine will have even bigger differences than the above.

        People have argued that fps is not important as games have a limit but that’s not the point, the test shows GPU power which is needed for CERTAIN tasks like running multiple high res monitors or doing certain types of 3D etc. I have a 27 Cintiq pen monitor and another big monitor for example and would like to open several high end programs and lots of files at the same time.

        The is not a single Mac today that you can upgrade the GPU. Since that Barefeats tests I believe there are even faster video cards.

        Lots of mac uses today don’t realize that their photoshop brushes at large setting are going slow or games stuttering due to lack of GPU power (go look at the test results again. A Macbook PRO — I have one — is like 7 times slower than a upgraded 6 year old mac in GPU performance ! )

        GPU performance is just one issue. RAM (PCs can go up to 512 GB), faster subsystems etc are others of concern.

        I love the Mac and the MacOS but there’s something wrong with Apple’s behaviour towards certain types of PRO users. (I emphasize CERTAIN as lots of people are happy with their current macs)

        also where the Mac marketing?

        1. thanks

          I agree with your point.
          I worded my paragraph wrong.

          here is how it should have read:
          “People have argued that fps is not important as games have a limit but that’s not the point the test shows GPU power . Besides games GPU power is needed for CERTAIN tasks like running multiple high res monitors or doing certain types of 3D etc”

          as an aapl investor and long time user I hate beating up on Apple but the Mac , especially for certain types of pros is really in dire straits. 2013 Mac Pro not updated, can’t upgrade GPU.

          since I’m here might as well point out what a lot of people want: Mid tower mac between Mini and Pro price range. One multicore Workstation CPU, Upgradable GPU, RAM, HD. Thunderbolt 3 or equivalent.

    1. Well the polls are polls of whomever the polling organization tends to collect.

      If the polls were of long time Apple users, professionals, enthusiasts, customers, engineers, stock holders, etc., they’d probably show different results than polls of brain dead millennials responding to Huffington Post.

    2. The disingenuous Tim-Hating blowhards are just a noisier bloviating bunch. Criticizing Cook’s record is one thing but these guys lace their diatribes with adolescent insults and their own juvenile homophobic phobias reducing their creditability to zero, gas tanks on empty, brains with poor circulation, etc..

      I have problems, as most here know with the Mac Pro not being “Pro” enough but I don’t unleash a litany of character assassinating CEO insults along with my pointed and salient disappointments. (Well except at the doofus trolls we all know and despise here, living most likely in a family basement or mental ward somewhere with an Internet connection.)

      1. I see you have your pariah “Doofus Troll At Work” sign up again. Funny you don’t see all your dripping vitriol and ineffective adolescent insults as a major betrayal as to who has lost credibility. (hint: look into a mirror.)

        Listen I’m sorry your education was stunted and a standard vocabulary is just too much for you to comprehend. Better get back to your better musical talents playing that dueling banjo part.

  1. “what we’re doing is innovating like crazy”

    He’s saying nothing new, in fact later he states “Of course, innovation is in the eye of the beholder to some degree”, reaffirming that he’s making references to the current product lineup.

  2. i think we have heard this song before….

    how about doing something like “show us, don’t just tell us”

    or….. under promise and over deliver

  3. Macs have clearly been held up because there is a key innovation that Apple wants across the board that is not quite ready, but is likely to come in the fall.

    What could it be?

    Secure enclave?
    ARM Macs?
    A continuity tech between Mac, iPhone, Watch?

    Whatever it is, it’ll be in every new product, probably to be seen in 2016. Then everyone will say, “OOOOOhhh. Well that makes sense.”

  4. ” And so what we have to do and what we’re doing is innovating like crazy and delivering the best smartphone to our customers there.”

    Yes. Innovating in the “smartphone” regime. What about innovative (or even just updated) Mac? I only hear a few lonely crickets on that topic.

    1. Apple innovated like hell on The Mac Pro — and discovered that Pro users were not deliriously happy with their design choices. The deafening silence since then is evidence, to me, that the engineering team went back to the drawing board. To others, it is evidence that Cook is obsessed with mobile users to the detriment of Pro desktop users. I sense that both are true at the same time.

      Cook is clearly neglecting the workstation market, if only by saying nothing at all to encourage such users to stay with the Mac platform. I personally think this is inexcusable. Why, in a declining PC market, would there be there any need for reticence or secrecy? Yet his engineers are still working on the whole Mac lineup. Something is standing in the way of timely updates, and it has to have something—or everything—to do with Intel.

      1. I agree. It seems to me with the iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch halo, Apple should be fighting the PC Wars 2.0 and growing Mac share.

        Its hard to grow when you are a big company. It must be even harder when they neglect a relatively large business like Macs, despite the huge growth room in the PC market.

        Apple shouldn’t be about iOS, it should be about fulfilling the whole spectrum of computing needs of customers. Large screens are not going to go out of fashion no matter how important mobile screens are.

        1. So Apple has huge dev/engineering teams, lots of money and patents. Is there any excuse for not keeping the Macs (at least those given the ‘Pro’ name) at the cutting edge while still improving their mobile devices? Unless the claim is that the dev/eng teams work on both types of products.

  5. kudo on MDN’s take.

    It is obvious Apple is prepping the next generation of portable computer that will go along with the iPhone, iPad, appleWatch and appleTV.

    Not only putting a new CPU to follow along… Gesh, it is soooo clear to some of us…

  6. We have seen some HUGE tech companies fail these past 15 years, which all under analyst eyes were going to do great…innovation is the only way forward, never fall for analyst direction coz they make money both ways, when company fail or when they succeed. And Tim Cook knows that FACT.

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