“While we’ve seen dummy units and mockups dozens of times at this point, however, we’ve yet to see a real iPhone 7 that’s actually powered on… until now,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR.

“These dummy units are assembled either from actual iPhone 7 parts stolen from Apple’s manufacturing partners like Foxconn, or they’re buil[t] in other factories using actual iPhone 7 schematics (which were also stolen from Apple’s manufacturing partners). While the devices pictured in these cases aren’t real iPhone 7 units, they are most likely near-perfect replicas of the iPhone 7 Apple plans to launch in September,” Epstein reports. “Of course, there’s nothing quite like the real thing.”

“And now, photos of what may be an actual iPhone 7 with the power turned on have been published for the first time,” Epstein reports. “The images in question appear to show a rose gold iPhone 7. They were originally posted to Weibo and then republished by anonymous Twitter user The Malignant.”

Apple's iPhone 7?

Apple’s iPhone 7?

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MacDailyNews Take: Very likely close to the real deal. Let’s see the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro, please!