Leaked photos show real Apple iPhone 7 powered on

“While we’ve seen dummy units and mockups dozens of times at this point, however, we’ve yet to see a real iPhone 7 that’s actually powered on… until now,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR.

“These dummy units are assembled either from actual iPhone 7 parts stolen from Apple’s manufacturing partners like Foxconn, or they’re buil[t] in other factories using actual iPhone 7 schematics (which were also stolen from Apple’s manufacturing partners). While the devices pictured in these cases aren’t real iPhone 7 units, they are most likely near-perfect replicas of the iPhone 7 Apple plans to launch in September,” Epstein reports. “Of course, there’s nothing quite like the real thing.”

“And now, photos of what may be an actual iPhone 7 with the power turned on have been published for the first time,” Epstein reports. “The images in question appear to show a rose gold iPhone 7. They were originally posted to Weibo and then republished by anonymous Twitter user The Malignant.”

Apple's iPhone 7?
Apple’s iPhone 7?

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MacDailyNews Take: Very likely close to the real deal. Let’s see the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro, please!


  1. Why would someone put a tempered glass screen protector onto an iPhone mockup. And don’t try to convince me that anyone would tool up a factory to recreate an iPhone from drawings.

  2. Still a fake. Take a look at the iOS 9 lock screen in the picture. iOS 10 has swipe to the left camera access from the lock screen not swipe up from the bottom right like in iOS 9. Also the rear camera does not have the camera module in it and the flash is not a true tone flash unit not to mention it’s overly recessed into the shell, same with the Apple logo.

  3. I HATE that camera so much, that if there aren’t incredible new hardware specs internally to counterbalance that shitty looking garbage, I will not buy another iPhone until iPhone 8, and I’ve had literally every iPhone except the new iPhone 5SE. Guess I’ll stick with my 128gb iPhone 6s Plus

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