Succession looms large at Samsung

“A big question mark hangs over Korea’s top conglomerate, the Samsung Group,” Lee Sun-young reports for The Korea Herald. “With its chairman Lee Kun-hee ill and bedridden for the past two years, succession looms large at the colossal corporate empire, which alone accounts for roughly a fifth of the nation’s economy.”

“The market knows who the successor is — Lee’s only son Jae-yong — but has little clue as to what steps the group will take to pass on control to him,” Lee reports. “It is a widely known secret that the 48-year-old is behind the group’s recent bold restructuring moves that entailed high-profile splits, mergers and asset sales. ‘When it comes to management control, Samsung Group’s succession is already complete,’ Chae Yi-bai, a corporate governance expert turned lawmaker, told The Korea Herald. ‘What still needs to be done is the transfer of equity ownership to Lee Jae-yong.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Hey, how ’bout via a sleazy, illegal slush fund?

“In Korea’s convoluted world of chaebol, many take Samsung’s heir for granted, despite his apparent lack of management experience to be considered fit for running the 350 trillion-won ($308 billion) empire,” Lee reports. “Whatever the future may entail, it will be the endgame of a two-decade long effort at Samsung to pass on the crown to the third-generation leader, experts and observers say. The process began in the late 1990s, when Lee Jae-yong, along with his two younger sisters Lee Boo-jin and Lee Seo-hyun, acquired large stakes in two affiliates Samsung SDS and Samsung Everland through convertible bonds sold to him by the companies at prices well below fair value. As a result of this sale, their father was sentenced to a suspended jail term in August 2009. He was granted a presidential pardon four months later. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ah, life in Samsungorea, den of thieves.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “M J Miller” for the heads up.]


  1. MDN. You keep grouping Samsung and Korea (even Koreans) together as evil but that’s not fair.

    If you think about it, Google and Microsoft, both American companies, have done way more evil. Yet, there’s no bashing USA.

  2. ScamScum is not Apple’s problem; it’s the US DoJ that has let SS steal Apple’s IP at will.

    Like I’ve written before, ever seen any soft drink company use a copy of Coca-Cola’s pinched waist bottle? No! Of course not, but ScamScum has been allowed to steal the overall look and feel of the iPhone, in addition to numerous patented features.

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