“We have good news, jailbreakers: The wait for a public iOS 10 jailbreak might not be very long at all,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR.

“Apple’s new iOS 10 software won’t be released to the general public until sometime this coming September, but it looks like a team of Chinese iOS hackers called Pangu have already managed to jailbreak iOS 10,” Epstein reports. “The second iOS 10 beta was just released on Tuesday but even before Apple’s second developer release, Pangu had cracked into iOS 10.”

“During the Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) in China last week, Pangu team members gave a presentation that covered a number of security issues surrounding iOS,” Epstein reports. “At the end of the presentation, as noted in a recent blog post by Stephen Chan, the team showed a slide that included a screenshot of Cydia installed on iOS 10.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, with Apple having intentionally left the iOS kernel wide open, of course the jailbreakers would have a field day.

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