Internet Exploder: Beleaguered Microsoft continues to hemorrhage browser share at record rates

“An estimated 33 million users deserted Microsoft’s browsers last month, pushing the Redmond, Wash. company’s browser strategy ever closer to the edge of irrelevancy, according to analytics data published [July 1],” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge combined to account for 36.7% of the global user share — a stand-in for the number of desktop and notebook PC owners who ran those browsers — in June, according to U.S.-based metrics vendor Net Applications. June’s IE number was down 1.9 percentage points from May, the eighteenth straight month of losses,” Keizer reports. “In the last 12 months alone, IE — a bucket into which Computerworld also pours Windows 10’s Edge — has lost 17.3 percentage points, representing a loss of almost a third of what the browser controlled a year ago.”

“As recently as November 2015, IE accounted for more than half of the global browser user share,” Keizer reports. “Chrome continued to rake in former IE users, as Google’s browser added 3 percentage points to its share last month, closing out June with 48.7%… Like IE, Mozilla’s Firefox also lost user share in June, falling another nine-tenths of a percentage point to 8%. Unless Mozilla can arrest the flight, its desktop browser could drop under the 5% mark as early as October, threatening the organization’s long-term survival, which relies on search revenue from the likes of Yahoo to pay the bills. Other top browsers, Apple’s Safari and Opera Software’s Opera, remained flat and showed a small gain, respectively.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft. Misfiring on all cylinders. 🙂


  1. Even where I work..large enterprise environment..Chrome works way better (as does Safari) than IE (any version) with our internal websites. Getting PCs setup to display pdfs in IE is like doing the hokey pokey.

    1. You beat me to it. I am sure 1 in 100,000 or more actually reads the terms of service that allows them to do it.

      Type in a URL and Google saves it in their records as part of their ad profile of you. etc.

  2. “the shocking shrinkage of IE” well the company’s name is finally living up to it’s name. How’s integrating that browser into the operating system working for you Nutella?

  3. I’ve been using Vivaldi for close to six months now. It is almost my default browser. Vivaldi is fast. In fact, it’s faster than Safari Technology Preview. This is based on my usage. It may be different for others. I’ve used chrome as well. However, only for those apps that just wont work anywhere else. The only problem I have with Vivaldi is “gestures.” They need to work on that a bit.

  4. Unfortunately, Edge used to be great but with recent updates, it’s become slow and laborious. Since most won’t want to return to IE after experiencing the joy of Edge, we opt for something else until it’s fixed. For me, it’s Firefox (but only when needed). Hate Chrome and don’t see the attraction. Renders terribly (small and low res) and interface is poor, plus Google’s watching. In fact I don’t even use Google search anymore since it asks me to sign up to (or opt out of) some new privacy policy. I don’t even want to tell them I’m not interested. However, when Edge is back up to speed, as I’m sure it will be from the Anniversary update, I’m sure we’ll see the numbers rise once more.

  5. I am disappointed with the state of web browsers today. I like Safari, best, but web developers don’t give it proper support. I have to use Firefox and Opera too. I will search Google, before Bing. But I default to DDG.

    Restatement – I am disappointed in the state of the web. It’s boring and dangerous. I feel as if I can’t trust anything and I am being bombarded with lies.

    One more thing. I am disappointed in the state of cable TV, I can’t trust what I am watching and I feel like I am being lied to.

    There you have it.

    Advertising has made a mess of our media.

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