Apple’s iOS 10 already jailbroken

“We have good news, jailbreakers: The wait for a public iOS 10 jailbreak might not be very long at all,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR.

“Apple’s new iOS 10 software won’t be released to the general public until sometime this coming September, but it looks like a team of Chinese iOS hackers called Pangu have already managed to jailbreak iOS 10,” Epstein reports. “The second iOS 10 beta was just released on Tuesday but even before Apple’s second developer release, Pangu had cracked into iOS 10.”

“During the Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) in China last week, Pangu team members gave a presentation that covered a number of security issues surrounding iOS,” Epstein reports. “At the end of the presentation, as noted in a recent blog post by Stephen Chan, the team showed a slide that included a screenshot of Cydia installed on iOS 10.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, with Apple having intentionally left the iOS kernel wide open, of course the jailbreakers would have a field day.

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  1. iOS 9.3.3 betas are also jail broken. An encrypted kernel isn’t enough. The jail breakers are simply getting better at it. It seems they had a bump in the road for a while, but now, they are on a roll.

    I am not sure if unencrypted iOS 10 allowed backward exploits or if this was a going trend, before that.

    For me it’s worrisome.

      1. My understanding is the kernel on iOS9 is encrypted. So I am perplexed how they are jailbreaking it.

        I mean, it seemed it was impossible for a period of time IE iOS 9.2.x. My only thinking is that the iOS 10 unencrypted kernel gave enough info to backtrack and open up previous versions.

        Which now leads me to believe this was a negotiated factor between Apple and the government. A short window of “leave us alone” and we will give you a hint.

        Now this might be a regular thing. Betas unencrypted for the single reason of letting the FBI and their dev teams a proper whack at the code, in return for a more secure GM. This back and forth, annually.

  2. Jail-Breaking now and for the most part has been a waste of time (IMHO), early on perhaps it provided some extra features, at the cost of the users security and potential instability.

    Now its still just insecurity & instability and the addon’s are just not worth the effort to go through the effort.

    1. Jailbreaking the Apple TV definitely isn’t a waste… I think of one major app that isn’t on the App Store that hasn’t had features removed to fit in Apple’s sandbox…


      Yes, there is a stripped down version (MrMC) but anything to do with add-ons has been removed…

      So here’s hoping that the Apple TV software shares a common kernel… (and common exploits)

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