“Microsoft has been forced to pay £7,500 ($10,000) in compensation to a woman after its new Windows 10 operating system automatically installed on her computer,” Stephen Matthews reports for The Daily Mail.

“Teri Goldstein made the claim after her computer– which previously ran on Windows 7 – became unusable after the software tried to download without her approval,” Matthews reports. “Microsoft has now said it will roll out an update that will change the alerts it uses for Windows 10 to prevent complaints such as this from happening again.”

MacDailyNews Take: Now that they’ve deceived enough of their suckers and gotten away wth it.

“Later this week, Microsoft says it plans to roll out an update for Windows 7 and 8 that that will change alerts for Windows 10. The changes will include a clear option for users to decline Windows 10,” Matthews reports. “If users click on the red ‘x’ button, Windows will no[t] consider that as confirmation of an upgrade to Windows 10.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Deceitfulness is woven into beleaguered Microsoft’s DNA. That’s what you get when your No. 1 product is an upside-down and backwards knockoff of Apple’s Macintosh.

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