“Microsoft continues to go overboard to push Windows 10 updates,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Oowl. “Indeed, the approach might be regarded as of questionable legality, approaching that of spyware. So loads of Windows use[r]s are complaining that Microsoft evidently pushed downloads on their PC, in the background, without their approval. On some occasions, the update was even installed without an OK of some sort.”

“One Windows evangelist recently reported that Microsoft had pulled a fast one with a common user interface object. So on clicking the “X” of an information dialog, the act was taken as approving the Windows 10 upgrade,” Steinberg writes. “This is a clear reversal of the usual convention, where the ‘X’ dismisses a dialog rather than approve a positive action. It’s even documented somewhere so Microsoft can say, ‘see we already told you about it.'”

“Microsoft’s forced upgrade scheme got so bad that some people who run businesses have watched their PCs undergo a Windows 10 upgrade while they are trying to do real work,” Steinberg writes. “One published report told the tale of a small businessperson who sued Microsoft and got an award of $10,000 in damages as the result of the negative impact of an unwanted upgrade. Microsoft evidently decided not to appeal, and they would no doubt prefer to bury such news. I just wonder how many many other lawsuits have been filed as the result of this unsavory practice.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Beleaguered Microsoft’s desperation is delicious! At this late date, if the Windows sufferers haven’t learned their lesson by now, they deserve to wallow in their misery.

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