Leaked iPhone 7 photos point to game-changing new camera technology

“Over the weekend, a pair of photos purporting to show the rear casings of both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus appeared online,” Yoni Heisler reports for BGR.

“Originally spotted by Nowhereelse.fr, the images are largely similar to previous leaks we’ve seen over the past few weeks, with the unsightly antenna lines that plagued both the iPhone 6 and 6s thankfully moved towards the side,” Heisler reports. “What’s particularly interesting about the latest iPhone 7 leak, however, is that the photos appear to suggest that the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 model will receive an impressive camera upgrade. While we’ve seen no shortage of rumors pointing to all of the snazzy and advanced camera technology Apple is planning to grace the iPhone 7 Plus with, the most recent iPhone 7 leak reminds us that Apple’s 4.7-inch iPhone 7 may also have a substantive camera upgrade itself.”

“As evidenced by the photo below, the area for the camera sensor on the iPhone 7 is markedly larger than what Apple employed with the iPhone 6s,” Heisler reports. “That being the case, if Apple can leverage some of the camera technology it picked up when it acquired LinX back in April of 2014, it stands to reason that the iPhone 7 camera will boast superior and compelling camera performance all across the board.”

Image claimed to be of iPhone 7 rear case (via Nowhereelse.fr)
Image claimed to be of iPhone 7 rear case (via Nowhereelse.fr)

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MacDailyNews Take: Don’t believe the anti-hype you may be hearing elsewhere about a “disappointing” iPhone 7. iPhone users – especially those who are into photography – are really going to want to own this year’s iPhones, especially the lustworthy flagship model.

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  1. Yeah, this isnt real. Someone is trying like hell to stoke Apple stock. It’s not happening of course and shares are being pounded hard by investors. Apple will be under $90 this week unless things change.

  2. Apologies from a Brit AND an owner of Apple shares. This will take a while to sort out but meanwhile it’s business as usual in the UK. We’ll have a new PM soon but I think more worrying is your choice of new President.

    1. Apologies from another Brit here. I know we’ve screwed the markets up (and a lot of other things) by voting to leave the EU (which I didn’t) but things will return to normal shortly, just in time for Trump to screw it up again.

      1. Dear Mr NDW:
        Please do not apologize.
        We should never have joined in the first place and I’m shocked that it took this long for the Great British Public to figure out how badly we were being screwed.

        A third of Labour’s shadow cabinet has resigned and Boris will likely be the new PM so the UK will be just fine, whereas the Yanks have to pick from two candidates WHOLLY unsuited to the task regardless of their colours.

        Politics in an article about a rumoured camera in a rumoured phone.
        I *love* the interwebs.

    2. Another thing from a Brit is that when we invest in AAPL, apart from all the other variables that US investors have to deal with, AAPL trades in dollars and of course we need to convert any money to or from pounds. Currency variations can make a big difference to the investment.

      There have been situations where a small profit has been wiped out by a weaker dollar ( or stronger pound ) and equally other times when a paper loss has turned into a modest profit after currency conversion. Once in a while, it’s possible to take advantage of a strong dollar and a simultaneous surge in AAPL and enjoy a double benefit, similarly I’ve also been able to take advantage of weak AAPL and a strong pound in order to buy shares at a discount. So long as you don’t need to buy or sell in a hurry, the situation changes so readily that it’s not too hard to time things beneficially.

      At the moment, the pound is very weak. As I need a new iPhone, I ordered one last night before Apple decides to raise the selling prices for it’s products in the UK. I’m also flying to Canada and the US in a few weeks and decided to buy US and Canadian dollars for that trip before the result of the referendum was known. It turned out to be pretty good timing as I bought at a near-peak value and the pound has plummeted since.

      1. Bought AAPL through an US bank with an offshore office on the Isle of Man, when I went to watch the TT races. Low transaction fees, taxes and easy to top up.

  3. Where did this guy find a 1920 camera to take such a bad picture?
    Looks more like the “alien autopsy” camera that was intentionally out of focus every time it had a critical shoot on its lenses. They did that on propose to hide the fact that it was a fake. same case here.

  4. Intriguing…if true. I for one would like wider aperture lens for low light – something like two stops would work wonders and negate the noise from a larger pixel sensor.
    I want

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