“For its third acquisition in Israel, Apple has bought digital photography tech firm LinX Imaging, a small company with a big idea – improving the quality of smartphone cameras to the point where, instead of producing ‘instamatic’ photos, they can create SLR-quality pictures,” David Shamah reports for ZDNet.

“With its combination of hardware and software, LinX offers thin, multi-aperture cameras for devices, which extract depth information for each pixel in order to create a depth map,” Shamah reports. “Using 3D reconstruction algorithms, the result, according to the company, is a high-quality image ‘which allows us to capture stunning images at very low light levels and keep exposure times short at normal indoor light levels. Our array cameras capture SLR like images in normal lighting conditions with very low noise levels,’ regardless of pixel size.”

“Apple wouldn’t specifically say why it was interested in LinX, but industry sources in Israel said that it was likely to use the company’s tech in future iterations of its iPhones and iPads,” Shamah reports. “With photography often the bane of digital device users, a better quality photo – and an SLR-quality one, to boot – could be an important selling point.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Already, the also-rans cannot compete with iPhones’ camera results – wait until this technology gets incorporated!

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