Beleaguered Microsoft told to pay $10000 to woman over deceptive Windows 10 forced download

“Microsoft has been forced to pay £7,500 ($10,000) in compensation to a woman after its new Windows 10 operating system automatically installed on her computer,” Stephen Matthews reports for The Daily Mail.

“Teri Goldstein made the claim after her computer– which previously ran on Windows 7 – became unusable after the software tried to download without her approval,” Matthews reports. “Microsoft has now said it will roll out an update that will change the alerts it uses for Windows 10 to prevent complaints such as this from happening again.”

MacDailyNews Take: Now that they’ve deceived enough of their suckers and gotten away wth it.

“Later this week, Microsoft says it plans to roll out an update for Windows 7 and 8 that that will change alerts for Windows 10. The changes will include a clear option for users to decline Windows 10,” Matthews reports. “If users click on the red ‘x’ button, Windows will no[t] consider that as confirmation of an upgrade to Windows 10.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Deceitfulness is woven into beleaguered Microsoft’s DNA. That’s what you get when your No. 1 product is an upside-down and backwards knockoff of Apple’s Macintosh.

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  1. Changing the “X” to mean confirm? Really
    Microsoft? The “X” on any graphical system means cancel or stop or close… That’s bad even for you guys. I think they should pay out the cost of all of their customers computers just to twist the knife.

  2. Microsoft, why do you continue to give me reasons to never become your customer? Deceit won’t help you stay in power in the industry. You’re losing ground to Google and Apple — FAST. Eventually you’ll be snuffed out like a candle if you keep up with these shenanigans.

  3. These kinds of despicable strategies by Microsoft do give anyone pause to convert, even if just for pro reasons. Since 1992 just thinking of using any Microsoft products puts a sickening knot in my stomach and a cold sweat to ensue. A bald sweaty fat-assed type like Ballmer only accentuated that feeling, but the new guy isn’t winning any brownie points either.

  4. Ah what’s so fun is that if Microsuck did that back in the 90’s it would have been perfectly all right and the MS users would have trumpeted it as another superior feature over MS.

    I can just hear the argument from the nineties: “Look The “X” on your poo poo Mac graphical system only means cancel or stop or close. The “X” on the better, far superior Microsoft system can mean that AND Go, proceed, open. That’s twice as many features so it’s got to be twice as good. Besides it’s from the only real free and civilized country of the planet, not one of those barbaric countries that doesn’t allow free speech, spies on it’s people and even (insert gasp) tortures others. You’ll never see our wonderful better than all the rest Microsoft ever doing anything like that.

    Do I need to add the /shjtt (satire, humor, joke, tall tale) tag here? Of course I do, got to be sensitive to the audience.

  5. My wife’s step-mother, in her 80s, who is a true technophobe, was complaining her PC got updated to Windows 10 without her permission.

    Imagine the uproar if Apple were to do this with their OS’s!

    This confirms everything I’ve always thought about Itty-bitty Squishy.

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