“Tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s long-time handset division chief is ceding day-to-day management of the struggling smartphone business in the biggest leadership change yet under the Samsung conglomerate’s heir-apparent, Jay Y. Lee,” Se Young Lee reports for Reuters. “Samsung Group said 54-year-old Dongjin Koh will take over as president of the mobile communications business from 59-year-old J.K. Shin, who will remain head of the overall mobile division for Samsung Electronics and focus on long-term strategy and developing new growth businesses.”

“The move diminishes Shin’s influence on the mobile business as the former cash-cow battles to reverse a slide in its market share to rivals like Apple Inc, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and Xiaomi Inc.,” Lee reports. “Analysts said that while the moves at the mobile division were an apparent acknowledgment that change was needed, they did not expect a new strategy to emerge any time soon. ‘Koh is basically the same person as Shin,’ Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology business professor Chang Sea-jin said.”

MacDailyNews Take: Translation: The iPhone knockoffs will continue until morale improves.

“Analysts have said Samsung needed to step up its software and services offerings to revive its mobile business, but Koh, who has held mobile business roles since 2006, had an engineering background like Shin. ‘There is no real change and Samsung appears to be continuing on the hardware-centric path,’ Chang said,” Lee reports. “Samsung has implemented new designs and cut prices for high-end products to boost sales, but researchers say its global market share continued to fall from a year earlier during the third quarter. ‘This is basically a retirement for Shin,’ Chang said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Shackled to Android, Samsung has no point of differentiation. Apple will continue to take unit and the rest of the profit share from Samsung in the market segment in which they compete, and the bottom feeders will continue to take unit share as well. Tizen was Samsung’s only real hope, but they couldn’t manage to pull off such a large undertaking or, really, much of anything beyond mass producing inferior iPhone knockoffs. The world now sees: iPhone is the dream. If they have to settle for an Android phone until they can achieve iPhone, they can get the same thing Samsung offers at much lower prices from myriad Chinese Android handset assemblers (who are also knocking off Apple iPhones’ trade dress left and right).

Sooner or later, even Samsung will figure out there’s no profit to be had in Android handsets.

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