Apple’s larger iPhones reshape holiday shopping

“Holiday shoppers aren’t just abandoning crowded stores in favor of shopping online,” Spencer Soper reports for Bloomberg. “They’re also putting aside tablets in favor of pushing the buy button on bigger smartphones such as Apple Inc.’s iPhone 6 Plus.”

“Online spending via smartphones surged more than 75 percent, surpassing purchases made on tablets for the first time this Thanksgiving weekend, according to data from International Business Machines Corp.,” Soper reports. “That suggests bigger screens, easier payment options combined with revamped retail websites and shopping applications customized for phones are changing consumer behavior.”

“Smartphones accounted for 17.1 percent of all Cyber Monday spending as of 3 p.m. in New York compared with 11.1 percent on tablets, according to IBM,” Soper reports. “Last year, smartphone purchases made up 10.5 percent of all online sales compared with 12.5 percent on tablets… ‘A lot of this is the popularity of the iPhone, since so much retail traffic is from iPhones as opposed to other devices,’ said Sucharita Mulpuru, analyst at Forrester Research. ‘There hasn’t been much innovation in tablets.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sea change.

Still, for those that have both a iPhone 6s Plus and an iPad at hand, the larger screen is preferable. The bigger, the better in order to see what your buying, of course. It’s just that since the launch of iPhone 6/s and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6/s Plus especially, not as many people also have an iPad at hand.

iPad cannibalization is likely something Apple expected/feared and also likely why it took the company so long to make iPhones with properly-sized displays. Once they saw Samsung eating their lunch, Apple finally did what should have been done a year or two earlier, but they’re obviously paying for the resultant boom in iPhone sales with lost/deferred iPad sales.

I’d rather Apple cannibalize Apple than somebody else cannibalize Apple. — Tim Cook

That’s not to say iPad cannot rebound. It can and it will. Eventually, people will yearn for more real estate beyond 4.7-inc and 5.5-inch iPhone displays and the Apple ecosystem will lead them straight to iPad (and/or Macintosh).

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