“Apple’s fiscal second quarter iPhone sales were simply amazing, but the Cupertino company is showcasing the value in diversity more so than any of its competition,” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP. “Microsoft, the once mighty and feared software giant, is only a footnote outside of Windows sales. Office is the monster of business workflow, but without Windows and the forced Office bundles, who would value Word or Powerpoint over other solutions available today? Everything Microsoft had, has, and will have, revolves around Windows nothing more. Bing, Xbox and Windows Phone are all long-term financial nightmares for the Redmond, WA techno-giant.”

“Despite all the talk of Android and Chromebook, Google’s latest quarter underscored how deeply reliant the company is on search and advertising revenues. Google missed street estimates badly,” Reschke writes. “Revenue dipped below 20% growth last quarter for the first time in over five years. This quarter net revenue grew only 7%, a trend spooking investors, exposing the fact Google only knows how to make money through search and not much more.”

“iPad, Mac and services alone are massive, with just these 3 parts making Apple an $80 billion company,” Reschke writes. “Just because iPhone is the most successful technology product in world history should not blind anyone to the additional markets [in which] Apple has achieved extraordinary success.”

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