OS X 10.10.2: Wi-Fi problems continue to plague some Mac users

“Some Mac users who have been experiencing longstanding wi-fi issues with OS X Yosemite have discovered that updating to OS X 10.10.2 does not resolve their networking difficulties,” OS X Daily reports. “Perhaps more troubling, some Mac users who had functioning wi-fi previously have discovered that new wireless difficulties have appeared on their Macs after updating to the OS X 10.10.2 release of Yosemite.”

These cases are likely outliers, as OS X 10.10.2 has resolved wi-fi difficulties for some users as well,” OS X Daily reports. “onetheless, we have received numerous reports about wi-fi issues appearing or persisting with OS X 10.10.2, and the large Apple thread on the topic continues to grow with user feedback about the same problem persisting.”

OS X Daily reports, “Typically, wi-fi issues with OS X 10.10.2 come in two varieties; sluggish transfer speeds relating to Bluetooth, or outright connection dropping and failing to establish a wireless connection at all.”

Potential fixes in the full article here.

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  1. “..outright connection dropping and failing to establish a wireless connection at all.”

    This was my problem with Yosemite before the update.
    That is gone, but the sluggishness seems to be there now.. Or at least was there last night. And I use Bluetooth so I hope it was just a slow Comcast (typical of them anymore)

    Apple should probably focus on wifi harder for a bit, this problem has been around since lion at least (off and on)

    1. Ohh for crying out loud… 10.10.1 fixed a couple graphic glitches and odd behaviors I noticed, and 10.10.2 fixed everything… meanwhile never a problem with Wifi… ever.
      I guess like that other guy said I must be a lucky some-b****.
      I’d be willing to bet these problems are from people with Tons of porn viruses and malware, Bittorents or Illegal Software loaded with malware and have never run a cleanup app or permissions app… i.e. Onyx, Cocktail, ClamXav.

      1. Fresh Yosemite install… at the Apple Store. failed to connect to WiFi….. IN APPLE STORE….

        You do know you can get the display Macs in the Apple store to drop connection right?… You should read the apple support posts a little more.

        So yeah, it must be the illegal software…

        My iMac has WiFi issues, crossing fingers, this last update.. has not dropped me. My MBP.. not a problem.

    1. Right on! Just because Apple comes up with an update or major release doesn’t mean it will be needed or desired.

      Major releases always take a lot of time to sort out and I have always waited until the 3rd or 4th update to decide if I’ll take the new release.

  2. Two strikes trying to fix wifi issues. Third time better be the charm.

    Maybe they need to spend two and a half years working on the next OS X, like they did with Snow Leopard.

  3. Before update very few wifi issues. After problems with dropping connections and sluggish performance. iPhone and iPad running Speedtest show the usual fast speed. Problem does seem to be the update. At least for me. No issues at all before.

  4. Apple had better damn well not put out a new Mac OS X next year. They need to spend more time fixing the problems before releasing a major new release a new version. Just my opinion though. Yosemite in my opinion SUCKS!!!!!

    1. I think Yosemite is great. I did fresh install and have newer MBP, but never had any issues. I do on location photo shoots tethered to my Mac running Yosemite and while this S&T up had issue previously, I can now air play out put display directly to editor and send files over wifi all while I’m shooting.

  5. Been fine here for me for the most part since June at ADC. The only thing that happened to me was on release my iPhone stopped showing in iTunes. I reinstalled my iPhone as a new one and formatted my Macbook Pro 17″ Early 2009 and it fixed my issues. Been smooth ever since……even smoother with Safari with this latest build.

  6. I think some people are making it up.. I have 6 mac’s across 4 family members, and have several friends with various models of Mac’s, and none have had any issues ever with wi-fi… and I think others have had other issues and are blaming wi-fi or Yosemite for their possibly other unresolved problems.. The ongoing publicity just gives them an outlet online.

    While some people maybe having wi-fi issues, I think their problem has largely been outside of Yosemite and has never been diagnosed properly. Just the way I see it…

    1. Well you see it wrong my friend. Look on the communities section at apple.com and see the pain. My brand new Mac has wifi problems out of the box, whilst my other 3 macs are fine. Yosemite is a rushed piece of junk.

  7. i followed the link and read the original article.

    i am skeptical that solution given in the link would be able to fix any WiFi problem.

    persons with WiFi problems should try following:
    1. create a new Location (as is recommended in the article)
    2. then delete all the unnecessary connections that are automatically created with that new Location.
    this is the key thing to do and not mentioned in the article.
    for example, on my macbook air when i make a new location it creates three possible ways to connect with that one location (wifi, bluetooth pan, thunderbolt bridge). the key thing to do is to delete the bluetooth and thunderbolt connections, leaving only WiFi as the possibility for that Location to connect through).
    you can then manually turn on and leave on Bluetooth for your Bluetooth peripherals and even Air Drop).
    all this does is to tell the system: only connect to the internet by WiFi, so don’t even bother to look at any other possible way of connecting.
    do not have multiple ways of connecting using the same Location.

    i have the following Locations set up on my macbook air:
    USB Personal Hotspot

  8. On another front, 10.2 has made the mail app even worse at IMAP. Now need to stop/start app even more often to see mail content. Hosing sys admins and enterprise clients for two full product cycles now. Heck of a job Timmy and Craig.

  9. I am experiencing almost permanent wifi dropping since the latest update. Never had a problem before but now I have to switch off wifi and re-connect almost every time I try to load a new website. What a bummer- Apple- thumbs down! Get back to the drawing board and sort out your s*it

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