Introduction to Pixelmator for Mac and iPad

“Pixelmator is the single best alternative to Photoshop on the market today,” Alex Spencer writes for Tuts+. “It is a tremendous value and incredibly easy to use.”

“In the previous Pixelmator tutorial I showed you how to remove imperfections or unwanted people, crop your photos, and add text. In this tutorial I’ll show you some great ways to enhance the overall look and feel of the photo,” Spencer writes.

You will learn how to add:
• Quick image enhancements
• Color Filters
• Non-destructive editing with mask layers

Spencer writes, “And just as before, I will show you how to do all of the above in both the OS X and iOS versions of Pixelmator.”

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    1. WTF people ! Why is Boti getting down voted for making a joke about Adobe ? In my opinion Adobe is as bad as Microsoft, buying up the competition and shutting it down. They deserve all the pain coming to them just like MS is copping now.

      1. I don’t know about others, but I did not vote bot down, and I won’t do it just because he is not, no matter how tempting it seems sometimes. When he is posting humor or legitimate Apple-related stuff, it’s generally fine.

    2. Adobe went to a web-only model while charging full licensing fees for it. Ticked a bunch of people off so they started ditching Adobe. Interestingly Microsoft followed suit. They both are located in the Seattle area. Things that make you go “Hrm……”

    1. I love Pixelmator and have not touched Photoshop in many years. Photoshop was overkill for the basic types of imaging work that I do on occasion, and I certainly was not willing to pay Adobe a bunch of money for it. Pixelmator has every feature that I need.

      But I recall a media pro on this forum calling out the weaknesses of Pixelmator for professional work – CMYK, Pantone color management, etc. when you say that Pixelmator is getting closer and closer to Photoshop, does that mean that the pro issues are being addressed?

  1. I picked up a copy of Pixelmaker over the Hollidays. I’ve used it about a dozen times, and have yet to get through a whole session without my Mac freezing up, and I mean hard freeze, as in pulling the plug.

  2. Ok, I see how Pixelmator is a good alternative to PS. What other apps are good alternatives to InDesign- besides Quark, and Illustrator? Those 2 are the only thing holding me back from being Adobe-free.

            1. Come on, now. I have more reason than most to take shots at the bot, but he is on his good behavior and sticking to the Apple-related topics. Don’t start something for no reason. In addition, he is absolutely correct about Quark.

  3. I tried Pixelmator. This is just a VERY light version of Photoshop elements. Pixelmator isn’t even in the same universe as a Full version of Adobe PS. This is for people who want to make a few adjustments and/or just getting started Let alone have a decent workflow OR plugins for any of the popular programs. Two different markets between the two. 1 is for mommies with cameras and the other is for real photographers/ enthusiasts. There really is no comparison .

    1. Right dear. But something MUST come around to make Adobe stop being a damn monopole!
      Actually, i use Pixelmator when having to work on Yosemite with FCPX. Of course, it hasn’t yet all i need to complete some jobs. Still, I notice some impressive efforts to better the product at each upgrade. Anyway, I shall NOT upgrade my Adobe suite (at least while Adobe doesn’t change it’s way to sell it)!

  4. I have Pixelmator and use it every week and I like it. A lot. For cropping and editing photos for the web it’s great. Lightweight, easy to use and fast.

    Pixelmator is not a full replacement for Photoshop though. It doesn’t do CMYK conversions, which might be a niche thing for most users but was a central part of my workflow when I was working as a photo editor at a large newspaper. It also doesn’t allow input or editing of IPTC data, which is not a niche thing.

    1. “For cropping and editing photos for the web it’s great.”

      You’ve got it there.
      It doesn’t seem to be able to handle large image files – at least not for me.

      1. In fact, Pixelmator opens and “handles” very large files even faster and better then PSD… The PDF export is quite all right, but the CMYK issue is reluctant, true.

      2. For really light crop and adjust jobs I use Preview, which has all the features most of Photoshop’s bulk of amateur users actually use, like crop, resize, sharpen, and color and brightness tweaks. Real Photoshop users go way beyond that, obviously.

        I prefer Acorn to Pixelmator, but Pixelmator also has an iPad app which is a huge plus.

  5. I am from a Freehand background since version 2 and it is the best Vector programme ever written. Adobe should have built on it and discard the turd Illustrator just like they did with Pagemaker and Indesign.

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