Stocks end sharply lower after weaker-than-expected U.S. GDP data; Apple swoons

“U.S. stocks remained lower in choppy trade Friday, as investors grappled with downbeat gross domestic product data, mixed earnings and another big swing upward in oil prices,” Anora Mahmudova and Sjolin Marke report for MarketWatch.

“A slower-than-expected economic growth number resulted in a flight to quality in the morning, with investors flocking into havens such as Treasurys and unloading equities,” Mahmudova and Marke report. “The S&P 500 was lower with big gains in the energy sector limiting the decline. The Dow Jones Industrial Average trimmed a loss and briefly attempted to push higher before slipping back into negative territory with a triple-digit loss… The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite was also lower on the day.”

AAPL chart“Phil Orlando, chief equity strategist at Federated Investors, said that a big miss in the GDP number had sent investors into bonds and out of stocks,” Mahmudova and Marke report. “‘The headline number was very disappointing, so investors are buying bonds and selling stocks because they think the economy is decelerating. However, this number is likely to be revised upwards,’ said Orlando.”

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  1. “The past six years have been really, really hard for this country.” – Joe Biden, U.S. Vice Dunce and All-around Laughingstock, January 30, 2015

    Compare the treatment heaped upon Dan Quayle by the propagandists… I mean “comedians” vs. how very little Joe Biden, a total fool, receives. That will tell you all you need to know about how the Entertainment/Mainstream media is slanted towards leftists.

    1. Lol.. Yet Look at what the market has done in the last six years… Its been on steroids ! ( ahh how i hate most politicians if not all and them……and left just loves basking in the light of their pseudo intellectualism )

  2. And Goog was not effected by the same concerns…. or amzn ( the biggest bogus valuation in the market)
    As for AAPL
    Check the weekly option contracts and max pain and u will see …
    WJ option crooks playing their game !

    1. i’ve read that at market peaks the crappy companies are rising and good companies stock is starting to fall. Hence, Amazon the company with no profits is now rising.

    2. Apple was at pe of 17.5 before earnings. And ttm eps was around 6.50 ish .
      After the best quarter ever by any company look at what happened to the pe …went down to 15.5 ish while eps went up to 7.3 ish

      Apple should be at 125/126 and climbing from there !

      How does a companies PE with such track record and best earnings of any company and amazing growth shrink after blockbuster confidance building earnings.
      And amzn while still lossing money (and has for years…but a bit less now) . Gains 15 % and a pe of aprox 800

      Freakin joke!

      1. Can’t help but think it’s related to the saying its best to owe a bank millions rather than a fe thousand, for they daren’t pull the plug on you but continue the deluded faith that it will all work out in the end if you just keep supporting them.

  3. Did you see the 2 bozo’s on CNBC during the last hour of trading ?
    >an analyst from some 3rd tier firm talking about how ApplePay is a failure because it isn’t accepted everywhere … then says how Starbucks mobile pay is a success because it is. Then goes on to say Apple hasn’t succeeded, larger phones were simply “low hanging fruit” and how Apple needs “hits” to survive.

    next up…
    >a hyperventilating options pit trader talking about what the options market is saying…how the watch is a big risk and if it fails it shows Cook can’t innovate.


  4. As Apple expands even more into China and India, whether the NYSE or the DJI is up or down will eventually become as irrelevant as Microsoft. The day is coming soon that those two New York ponzi schemes just don’t matter anymore.

  5. I wonder whose money is being poured into google and Amazon. I bet it is mutual funds using our retirement to make incredibly bad choices.
    I really don’t give a shit if the stocks rise because people chose to buy the stock but my guess is it some of my retirement money being used.

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