On September 10 2013 Apple launches the iPhone 5S. The company also discusses the A7 chip inside the new smartphone, heralding the start of 64-bit mobile computing on iOS,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes. “Rival smartphone manufacturers were left to blog hollow promises that they would quickly follow with their own 64-bit smartphones. To date the results have been staggering for Apple and woeful for the Android competition.”

“With Android devices marketed on ‘bigger, better, bolder, specifications,’ Apple bounced them into a CPU upgrade [for which] they were not ready,” Spence writes. “The time spent in solving this issue means time was taken away from other issues that could have brought the Android ecosystem closer to iOS and therefore more of a threat to the high-end high-profit market that the iPhone currently dominates.”

“Apple forced a play out of the Android ecosystem, and it has not been a pleasant experience for Team Google,” Spence writes. “Samsung promised in the fateful month of September 2013 that its next flagship would be 64-bit. That would be the Galaxy S5… and it wasn’t. Neither was the next milestone device, the Galaxy Note 4… Well played, Mr Cook. Well played.”

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