Apple releases Logic Pro X 10.1 with new sounds, AirDrop sharing, redesigned plug-ins, and editing improvements

“Apple today released a new version of Logic Pro X, its professional audio editing software, bringing the current version to 10.1 and adding a long list of new features,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac. “Among the new additions to Logic Pro X in version 10.1 includes 10 new Drummers, the intelligent beat profile feature, focused on hip hop and electronic styles. OS X Yosemite users will appreciate the ability to share projects from Logic Pro X to other users using both Mail Drop, which lets you send large files over email using iCloud storage, and AirDrop, which lets you share files wirelessly between nearby Macs.”

“In addition to updating Logic Pro X, Apple released version 1.2 of its Logic Remote iPad app with a new plug-in view for remotely controlling parameters and adding or rearranging plug-ins,” Hall reports. “The new version also allows you to adjust mic and input settings with compatible audio interfaces from the app.”

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    1. Its not just about recording music for musicians.. Its also about the other part of the industry thats just as viable. Composing. Radio spots. Jingles. Advertising. Sound for video. Sound effects. Live show backing sessions. Sound for video games. TV theme songs. The list goes on and on.. The recording industry portion everyone see’s on iTunes is just a SMALL portion of that industry. And to top it off, music is consumed at a higher rate now than ever before.. And nobody that makes it at a high level uses crap software.. Multi-media is the largest creative industry out there, and all multi-media needs audio to do it. Watch a TV show.. Take all the music, sound effects, and other audio out, and what do you have? A silent movie.

  1. I still can not understand Apple’s approach to professional markets.

    On one hand, Apple kills wonderful XServe machines and applications like Aperture, Shake,
    Color and Final Cut Server.

    On another hand it still continues to produce applications like Logic Pro X 10.1.

    Why this sector is so inconsistent and messy?

    I wish Apple would just continue to refine all the products I have mentioned. Even if they did not sell in crazy volumes, their existence was overall beneficial for Apple as a professional platform.

    OR, if Apple does not care, why not discontinue, sell it off to other software companies?

    1. In a nutshell, a lot more people buy Logic Pro than bought Xserves.

      I was at Apple when the Xserve was discontinued. We hated to see it go, but the numbers just weren’t there to keep making them.


      1. The numbers were poor because Apple didn’t keep the Xserve competitively spec’d and priced. Clearly Apple had the resources to offer consistent professional lines, but Apple got greedy.

        The numbers ARE there if you offer the right product at the right price.

  2. Your assessment of pro applications is kind of off.

    Pro’s weren’t using Aperture.. Unless they were simply landscape photographers. Portrait photographers use Photoshop.. And Aperture was losing more and more ground in that segment of the Pro world. The only way Aperture could be viable would be to introduce layers.. And useful brushes. I used it for 6 months and finally had to go to Photoshop CC because I pushed it to its limit.

    Final Cut Pro – Still heavily used.

    Logic – Gaining SIGNIFICANT share from Avid (ProTools). And thank god.. Avid approaches it like they are too big to fail (microsoft) and makes it more expensive and difficult to upgrade, and their upgrades are buggy, and far too frequent considering they have not dropped the cost.

    This update is BIG. There are a ton of new features that are insanely useful. The new compressor plugin is incredibly well done. And the new fader portion is BIG. If Apple finds a way for me to import Pro Tools sessions, and export to Pro Tools.. Id switch completely.

    1. I disagree….Pro’s do use Aperture (AP), but not for the reasons you wanted to use it. AP never pretended to be Photoshop. AP is designed to be a Digital Asset Manager. As a Photoshop user I used AP to manage my images (similar to Bridge, but with far more capabilities). My best images (even landscapes) almost always ended up as PSD’s, because I needed layers to work them. The majority of my other images were served well by the adjustment tools of AP.
      If you were disappointed in AP’s editing capabilities, and then went to PS CC, that tells me you didn’t know either program very well.

    2. It sounds like you’re familiar with the new changes to Logic. Can you tell us if the iCloud integration makes sense or if it is just another case of Apple pushing iCloud into areas where it is not needed or wanted?
      I use Logic heavily. Frankly, I’m afraid to get this update until I know more about it.

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