“Apple, Inc. is laying off 200 employees related to its $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics LLC,” New York Shock Exchange writes for Seeking Alpha. “The job cuts will be in the areas of human resources, finance, and other job functions where the two companies have overlapping operations. ”

“With the announced layoffs, Apple CEO Tim Cook is sending a message to Apple employees, Beats and the market that he means business,” Shock Exchange writes. “With the announcement of the restructuring, any criticism about transaction execution risk or integrating the two corporate cultures – Cook now heads that off at the pass.”

“With Apple’s restructuring of Beats, Tim Cook sends a clear signal that there will be no missteps with the $3 billion acquisition, and he wants the transaction to be accretive to the bottom line,” Shock Exchange writes. “Cook may have also sent a subliminal to Pandora that momentum and market share are great, but profits are even better.”

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