“Apple kicked off its latest patent infringement case against Samsung on Tuesday, arguing that the iPhone was a revolutionary product and that by 2010, Samsung was in a crisis and resorted to copying the fast-selling rival,” Ina Fried reports for Re/code.

“‘The evidence in this case will be that Samsung copied the iPhone and it also took many other Apple inventions that had not yet appeared in Apple products,’ Apple attorney Harold McElhinny said during its opening arguments,” Fried reports. “Apple is seeking as much as $2 billion in damages, saying that various Samsung phones and tablets infringed on five of its patents.”

“A jury of four women and four men, chosen Monday, will decide the case. Ten jurors were initially picked; however, two jurors were excused earlier Tuesday — one who fell ill and another who said serving would pose a financial hardship,” Fried reports. “Prior juries, ruling on different patents and earlier Samsung products, awarded Apple roughly $1 billion in damages.”

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