“In the second Apple vs Samsung U.S. patent case that’s set to start on Monday, Apple has already scored a minor victory against Samsung over an instructional video for jurors, which explains patents and patent law,” Chris Smith reports for BGR.

“In the video that describes how patents work to protect inventors, several Apple products are depicted including the iPhone and iPad, both part of the current trial,” Smith reports. “That’s why Samsung wanted the video thrown out, and replaced with an older one that doesn’t feature Apple’s products, and which was shown in the 2012 lawsuit between the two.”

Smith reports, “The new instructional video (uploaded on YouTube on November 22, 2013,) as well as the old one (dates December 12, 2008), which was already shown in the 2012 Apple vs Samsung trial, follow bellow.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Bill” for the heads up.]