“When all is said and done including any appeals, Apple is not going to get an average damages award of $400 million per patent in a country whose chief patent judge said a $300 million damages claim against Apple over ‘one patent in a crowded field’ was ‘crazy,'” Florian Müller writes for FOSS Patents.

“Samsung will remain the global market leader no matter what Judge Koh and the jury will do or what effect certain methods of indoctrination will have, and Android will continue to be the most popular mobile platform in the world among end users and developers,” Müller writes. “In more than four years of litigation Apple has not been able to prove Steve Jobs’s allegation of Android being a ‘stolen product,’ and the five patent claims in California aren’t strong enough to change this.”

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MacDailyNews Take: When all is said and done including any appeals, and just like with Microsoft’s wholesale ripoff of the Mac, Apple is simply not going to get justice. Heartening, no?

Lesson for the kiddies: Knockoff whatever you want, scoff at the “justice system,” make billions from stolen property, and good luck with Karma – hopefully she’ll be at least half the bitch to you that she’s being to Microsoft today.

Perhaps Apple should stop tilting at windmills and, instead of flushing money down the toilet we call “the justice system,” invest in a chip fab and other blatantly obvious ways that would allow them to finally stop doing business with and inflict at least some measure of punishment onto Samsung?

That said, certainly by now, if they haven’t always, Apple understands the difficulty of patenting “iPhone” and enforcing the patents, so it seems their desired outcome of all of this litigation is to continue owning the high-end smartphone market while reaping the highest possible royalties from Android while working to invent the next big thing.

BTW: The most popular platform for developers is Apple’s iOS. Developers tend to like making apps for those with money and the proven will to spend it. Android is an afterthought to be dealt with once you’ve coded and released your iOS app, if ever.

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