“Microsoft is behind the schedule it used for the last several iterations, and has not breathed a word about its Mac intentions,’ Gregg Keizer writes for Computerworld. “In fact, the blog kept by the California-based development team that works on Office for Mac hasn’t been updated since Aug. 5, 2013, more than seven months ago.

“The last time Microsoft launched a new Office for OS X was October 2010, when it rolled out Office for Mac 2011,” Keizer writes. “Prior to that, Microsoft issued upgrades in January 2008 (Office for Mac 2008), May 2004 (Office for Mac 2004) and November 2001 (Office v. X).”

“The average spread between Office for Mac editions — going back as far as Office v. X — has been 1,088 days,” Keizer writes. “But as of Thursday, it had been 1,213 days since the launch of Office for Mac 2011.”

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