Apple CEO Tim Cook has been completely misunderstood by too many

“Last week, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said something most observers seem to have ignored,” Sam Mattera writes for The Motley Fool. “While investors honed in on Apple’s stock buyback, far more interesting was Cook’s comments regarding Apple’s share of the mobile market, and its ongoing competition with Google and Microsoft.”

“Apple’s critics, including myself, have argued that Apple’s declining market share would eventually put its iPhone business in jeopardy, as its platform would slowly lose its appeal to developers,” Mattera writes. “The general consensus seems to be that Apple simply doesn’t care about its declining market share — that the company was content to let its iPhone become a niche product, preferring to defend its margins at the expense of its market share. Not so, according to Cook. From The Wall Street Journal:”

In most geographies, in most major regions of the world, we’re one or two [in terms of smartphone market share]. Would I like to be one in the places where we are two? You better believe it. If there is a way we can do that without changing where our line is on a great product, then we’re going to do it. But what we’re not going to do is we’re not going to make junk. We’re not going to put Apple’s brand on something someone else designed.

I don’t view that as being satisfied with being small or however you want to define it. It’s not saying that market share is irrelevant or not important. I’ve never said that. I just always tried to say that the macro thing for us is to make a great product and we must do that.

Mattera writes, “Cook’s remarks suggest that Apple would consider offering cheaper iPhones to defend its market share if need be. Cook admits that Apple won’t make “‘junk,’ but doesn’t rule out going down-market completely.”

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      1. Only guys I know who hang out flapping their gums about gay are either totally closeted or totally insecure around women, and usually discover most women don’t fall in love /bed with a guy obsessed on his insecurity.

    1. What the heck does his sexuality have to do with how well he does this particular job? And, btw, I’m a pro-Prop 8 Catholic conservative who thinks that “gay marriage” is a contradiction in terms – but if Tim Cook were to avail himself of that particular legal fiction, it would have NOTHING to do with how I viewed his performance as Apple’s CEO. Now can we get back to our regularly scheduled programming?

  1. I think Apple will better address both the bigger screen size and the lower price point (but Apple quality) market. I think the iPhone lineup this fall will be Top iPhone 6 with a 4.8″ screen and priced slightly higher ($70 more but start with 32gb have a 64 and 128 GB model), with the A8 than today’s iPhone 5s, Mid range the iPhone 5s we have today but priced $100 lower, and the revamped cost conscious still plastic iPhone 5cs in dark grey, (a darker) blue, pink, green, and white for $180 less than current version due to manufacturing efficiencies (costs from original roll out already spread over the millions they sold – hey it’s an iPhone 5 in a different package, the molds for the case should be amortized already).

    That would make the 2 yr contract / no contract line up be $279/$729 32gb iPhone 6, $99/$549 iPhone 5s 16gb and the entry level iPhone 5cs 16 GB $free or free plus accessories/$379. With the iPhone 4s still available in India and other developing markets to give Apple a huge spectrum of price options.
    That seems like a stronger price/feature difference from model to model. It would make someone have to think about the trade offs for the different price points.

  2. “Tim Cook has been completely misunderstood by too many”
    Don’t worry, those “too many” are just like the market share myth.. it is true, but he is only misunderstood by the people they DOESN’T MATTER. you know, just like the market share that grows on junk devices that doesn’t make any profit, just like that are those “critics”, their opinion doesn’t matter and they as a people are just junk critics.

  3. He lost me at ““While investors honed in on Apple’s stock buyback…”.

    You “home in” on your target, or you “hone” your skills, but you DON’T “hone in” on anything.

  4. Tim Cook has been completely misunderstood by too many thanks to all the jouranalyst out there spreading FUD. Talk about having a market share, the FUDster’s have it all. Now if only there was a profit to be made from it.

    1. Yeah yeah yeah. So all of those people I see using iPhones, compared to the tiny number I see with other makes, means Samsung is killing Apple. Please, extract your head from your rectum.

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