“Have you ever seen someone wearing Google Glass out at the bar?” John Boone asks for E! Online. “Like a real person at a real bar actually wearing Google Glass? If so, you know how absolutely ridiculous they look. Which may be the only factor we have that will stop this…”

“A new app will allow total strangers to ID you and pull up all your information, just by looking at you and scanning your face with their Google Glass,” Boone reports. “The app is called NameTag and it sounds CREEPY.”

“The ‘real-time facial recognition’ software ‘can detect a face using the Google Glass camera, send it wirelessly to a server, compare it to millions of records, and in seconds return a match complete with a name, additional photos and social media profiles,'” Boone reports. “The information listed could include your name, occupation, any social media profiles you have set up and whether or not you have a criminal record (‘CRIMINAL HISTORY FOUND’ pops up in bright red letters according to the demo).”

“Once the app officially goes live, you can sign up for NameTag and opt-out, instead of the alternative: Having to opt-in to allow them to show your information,” Boone reports. “How is that OK? …forcing people to opt-out if they want to maintain their privacy is wrong (we would go so far as to say it should be illegal).”

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MacDailyNews Take: Google Glass is a creepster’s wet dream. When he heard about this app, King Creepster Eric T. Mole had to change his pants.