Apple’s growth scorecard

“Apple revenues grew at the rate of about 6% in [calendar] Q4 [Apple’s fiscal Q114], while earnings grew at 5%,” Horace Dediu writes for Asymco.

“These were improvements over Q3 and Q2 but the rate of top line growth is has not been this low since 2009,” Dediu writes. “The bottom line is also slower than it’s been for the entire “epoch” or era of the iPhone.”

“The company delivered performance inline with its own guidance so there should not have been surprises in the top and bottom lines. However, the disappointment might be in the low growth for iPhone (at 6%) and iPad (at 7%),” Dediu writes. “The Mac and iTunes grew at moderate rates (16% and 19% respectively) while the iPod continued its decline with -55% growth and Accessories remained fairly flat.”

Read more, and see the charts, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


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  1. Horace is telling us to look forward to more product categories, but I think there’s room to increase growth in the existing lines as well.

    The iPad will continue to sell well, especially if they come out with a model with Touch ID. 5% growth per year is probably a given. Next year, the 1st gen Mini could go for $199-$249.

    The iPhone will hopefully go even more high end with an additional larger model (or two). The 5C will eventually be the lowest cost option with better margins than the 4/4S.

    The Mac Pro should add a solid amount of revenue next year for the Mac segment.

    I’d like to see iOS wearables allows Apple to replace the revenue from the iPod line, but I’m curious how they do that this year. The iWatch doesn’t appear to be ready for this year based on the recency of the medical tech hirings.

  2. $13.5 billion in profits 5 years into the Obama depression is pretty amazing. Almost 100 million Americans who are working age are not working and getting a paycheck. That is an “effective” unemployment rate of over 30%. For Apple to make this much money when poverty and joblessness are the features of the Obama economic plan is pretty amazing. The outlook would be good, but I don’t think Apple will do so well when Obama turns his huge intellect to instructing Apple in how to make computers.

    And one more thing – no more of those annoying non-political posts where morons tell us all that Apple discussion should be devoid of any talk of how the new “communist” ideology affects the stock price.

  3. “The Mac … grew at moderate” rate while the rest of the PC world crashed into a crap pile. The Mac and iPads were at 1/4 of the world’s market share. Now they are at 1/3 of the world’s market share. Will they notice when it is 1/2!

  4. Let’s see, a 6% growth on 7 times as many iPhone sales as in 2009 is a bad thing how? Growth rate comparisons between 2013-14 and 2009-10 is absurd. Early in a product life cycle (a successful one) growth rates are always much higher. The profit on 40-50 million phones per quarter at a growth rate of 6% is a much better place to be than making profit on 7-10 million phones with a growth rate of 35%. This article is a good example of how stupid some analysts are.

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