“I’m no longer on the Fire Tim Cook bandwagon,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet. “I hopped off many months ago. What we’re seeing now is reactionary and misguided. It illustrates the folly of a financial media that doesn’t know its rear end from a hole in the ground. It beats the hell out of Tim Cook when it’s safe to do so, rather than staking unpopular ground at a time when the notion of ousting Steve Jobs’s replacement might have actually made sense.”

“Apple never should have hired Tim Cook in the first place,” Pendola writes. “While not quite as brash or delusional as Ron Johnson, Cook suffers from some form of Ron Johnson syndrome, in that it’s easy to look good riding shotgun with Steve Jobs. It’s a different ballgame when you roll into the nightclub without Jobs at your side.”

” look at it this way … Cook wasn’t the guy, but he grew into being the guy. Apple’s bigger than Cook (or any one man, except maybe Jobs), therefore it overcame/can continue to overcome his shortcomings (relative to Jobs and similar leaders),” Pendola writes. “Cook weathered the storm of the first year in the impossible job of replacing Steve Jobs as Apple CEO. Behind the scenes he undoubtedly set up corporate structures that would help him — and Apple — succeed.”

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