“Apple has given iTunes its biggest overhaul since 2003, when the software — originally just a jukebox for Macs — was made available for Windows computers and the built-in iTunes store was added,” Walter S. Mossberg writes for The Wall Street Journal. “I’ve been testing this major new version, called iTunes 11, and I consider it a significant improvement in the look, feel, speed and function of the program, which had become somewhat bloated, sluggish and dense over the years as new features were added.”

“The venerable program is now brighter and more colorful, with clever and pleasing new capabilities and faster search,” Mossberg writes. “There is tighter integration between the library of media that resides on your computer, and media stored in Apple’s online iCloud service. Streaming from the cloud has been expanded. The store has also been made cleaner, simpler and easier to use.”

Mossberg writes, “Apple has made iTunes better and easier to use, and veteran users who upgrade will gain from the new features, if they take a little time to get used to them.”

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