“Glass as thin and as flexible as a sheet of paper that can be printed on rolls just like a newspaper will be available to phone makers as soon as this month, said Dipak Chowdhury, head of Corning’s ultra-flexible thin-glass project Willow,” Jeremy A. Kaplan reports for Fox News. “‘It’s seriously built like paper,’ Chowdhury told FoxNews.com, ‘and behaves just like that.'”

“Ordinary displays in notebooks or smartphones are made of glass sandwiches, usually three sheets of the stuff measuring a bare 0.7 or 0.5 millimeters in thickness. At 0.1 millimeters thin, Corning’s brand new Willow glass is as thin as the finest human hair — and will makes those smartphone sandwiches as much as 7 times thinner,” Kaplan reports. “Glass isn’t inherently a rigid substance, Chowdhury explained. When it gets superthin, it becomes flexible just like any substance.”

Kaplan reports, “Willow Glass won’t immediately lead to roll-up iPhones, Poor was quick to note. The entire display industry is built for inflexible sheets of glass, made in massive, astronomically expensive plants. ‘It costs billions of dollars to build an LCD plant these days,’ Poor said.”

MacDailyNews Take: Gee, who has billions of dollars, an insatiable lust for cutting-edge technology, and a masochistic dependency on Samsung that needed to be smashed the smithereens years ago?

Kaplan reports, “Display giant Dai Nippon Printing Co (DNP) will demonstrate touch sensors and color filters — two essential components for modern smartphones — printed onto Willow Glass, Chowdhury said.”

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