Beleaguered RIM stock sinks below $10 of first time since December 2003

“Research In Motion’s stock is below $10 for the first time since December 2003,” The Associated Press reports.

“Shares dropped 6 percent to $9.62,” AP reports. “The maker of the BlackBerry mobile device has steadily lost ground to Apple Inc.’s iPhone as well as phones that run Google Inc.’s Android software, such as Samsung’s.”

RIM’s “share of the U.S. smartphone market dropped from 44 percent in 2009 to 10 percent in 2011, according to the NPD Group,” AP reports. “Research In Motion Limited, based in Waterloo, Ontario, said last Tuesday that it expects to post an operating loss for the current quarter.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Waterloo, indeed.


  1. As the wicked witch of the east from the ‘Wizard of Oz’ said, “I’m melting!… Melting! Melting… What a world, what a world…”

    1. RIM has already shown far more smug pricking ness than all the Apple fanboys combined could ever show.

      Exibit A. “ameture hour is over”
      Exibit B. drunk RIM execs disrupting an international flight including threatening other passengers.

        1. Jeeve Stobs? Stupid name, illogical comment.
          RIM have behaved like all stupid organizations, full of hubris, bad marketing, promises of future amazing product that never arrives.
          I don’t see how Apple have anything to do with this, except for the fact that stupid RIM execs dismissed the iPhone only to watch as it ate their lunch, breakfast, supper etc.

      1. You already posted the smug, prickish asshat fan boy crap.
        Unfortunately you are a fanboy of a company in its death throws.
        That’s why you are so crotchety.

        1. You are incorrect fan boy. I’m a life long Mac user. My first Mac was the venerable SE/30. I’m typing this now on a Mac Book Pro. I’m just not a smug, prickish hater like 80% of Apple fans are.

          1. With all due respect, it wasn’t Apple or its fanbois who placed banner ads in the NYTimes declaring “amateur hour is over” as it launch a total turd of a device. Smug indeed!

            Moreover, it wasn’t Apple or its fanbois who hired buses in Australia and brought hired “protesters” to Apple stores to chant “wake up” outside the glass. That exercise was so completely classless that it was initially attributed to Samsung.

            So you’ll excuse me if I find your concern about Apple fanboi misplaced…

          2. No, Jeeve Stobs, you are NOT “a smug, prickish hater like 80% of Apple fans are” because;

            a) You’re a smug, prickish hater, period.

            b) Apple fans are not ‘smug, prickish haters’. We’re fans of quality and function and form.

            c) You’re an anonymously smug and prickish hater because there’s no way to refute the outstanding service that Apple does for its customers, without resorting to the Troll behaviour of name-calling.

            Jeeve Stobs, you have never owned an Apple product in your life.
            You smug and prickish haters would never be caught dead with an Apple product, because, because, … well, I don’t really understand the self-loathing that drives someone to avoid quality, ease-of-use, and outstanding design, when they choose a computing platform.
            That’s for you and your therapist to explore.

            Best of luck!

          3. Jeeve….geez thanks. Hope you included me in the other 20%. If not then you are a smug and prickist hater who pulls stats out of his ass when you want to paint millions and millions of people you don’t know with the same brush.

            Hell, even if I am in the 20%, you are still a dick.

  2. I think it’s time for another monkey boy dance celebration only this time have inebriated RIMM execs joining Ballmer onstage as his backing troupe. A wild drink and drug fuelled celebratory dancing finale to Bill Gates’s monopolistic legacy now imploding all over the world.

  3. In the end, it’s the decision the leaders of RIM made not the fanboys. This is the free market at its best. If a company doesn’t innovator or market their product in way to stimulate consumer demand they crash and burn. As it looks now this is where RIM is heading. I love Apple products very much and will be very disappointed to see RIM fail. Once a major player like RIM exits the market it cause other to innovate less……as other companies don’t have to worry about others taking a piece of their market. The more successful companies there are the more others have to innovate and come up with better products to stay on top and relevant in the market place.

  4. Blackberry. . . smackberry.

    RIM have always been on the edge of the Abyss. They just don’t build good products. Customers will decide. . .

    It was Microsoft that held a fake funeral for the iPhone. . . remember?

    1. Completely wrong. They did build a good product. In fact a great product…..for the time. What they did not do was to continue to innovate and update, a terrible mistake which is now costing them dearly.

      1. I think you’ll find they always used outdated/ lower spec hardware in their offerings in direct comparison to the hardware their competitors offered.

        The USP (unique selling point) of Blackberry were the enterprise services on offer through RIM handsets.

        I stand by my original point. Customers will decide. . . they have. RIM are toast

        1. I respectfully disagree. RIM really developed the business smartphone and created the market. I think they deserve credit for this. THEN they were left in the dust by Apple and Google and, as you say, their software and hardware became outdated.

          Customers have indeed decided, RIM is finished and hopefully that thieving company Gaggle with their Droid offering will be too.

          1. RIM developed a business ‘feature’ phone, sandboxed into their proprietary service offerings. It was definitely not a smartphone as smartphones are defined today.

            RIM do deserve credit for this, but like Microsoft, fell into the status quo (not the band) belief that this was the way it was going to be forever, or at least until they decided to change it.

            Enter Apple. . . the rest is history.

            R.I.M = Requiescat In Mortalitas

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