Microsoft’s AirPlay-like ‘SmartGlass’ to connect Xbox to iPhone, iPad later this year

“Microsoft on Monday unveiled a competitor to Apple’s AirPlay: SmartGlass, a new feature tied to its Xbox 360 game console that connect to Apple’s iPhone and iPad to enhance content watching and game playing,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Xbox SmartGlass was unveiled by Microsoft at its media briefing at the Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, Calif.,” Hughes reports. “The new cross-platform functionality will come to Apple’s iOS, as well as Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone and Windows 8, later this year.”

Hughes reports, “Microsoft showed off how content being played on the Xbox 360 could be complemented by additional content on a tablet like an iPad. In one demonstration, a user watching “Game of Thrones” on the HBO Go application had the show streaming to their HDTV, while an interactive map of the fictional world was displayed on a tablet and was updated in real-time, synced with the program. In another demonstration, Microsoft showed a new version of its Internet Explorer Web browser for Xbox 360, and how that browser can be controlled by a smartphone, like Apple’s iPhone.”

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  1. very cool, soon my wife will be able to control the x-box from her iphone

    been thinking about an apple TV for months, and no reason to get it now

  2. A smart and, surprisingly, humble move from Microsoft by making it available on Apple devices. When I first saw headlines for it, I assumed it was Windows Phone and Metro tablets only.

  3. With a name like “Smart Glass,” I thought this would have something to do with the drool-worthy Corning Glass videos, showing the potential of future “intelligent glass” technologies. So disappointing that all this is is a MS version of AirPlay…
    For those who haven’t seen the Corning videos, it’s worth a look.

    1. yep. Not sure how this will be useful for normal people. I only see this “enhancing” the geekdom with their online games and Dungeons and Dragons roll play.

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