Apple to start selling wallet-ready AirTag competitor, Chipolo CARD Spot

Apple’s online store will begin selling the Chipolo CARD Spot item tracker on March 14th, MacRumors reports citing a Chipolo spokesperson. The CARD Spot supports Apple’s Find My app, however, the circular Chipolo ONE Spot – a more direct AirTag competitor will not be sold by Apple.

Chipolo CARD Spot
Chipolo CARD Spot

Joe Rossignol for MacRumors:

Priced at $35, the Chipolo CARD Spot is a card-shaped item tracker designed for use with wallets. The accessory allows you to easily track the location of a wallet in the Items tab of the Find My app on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Apple does not offer a card-shaped version of the AirTag, giving the CARD Spot a unique advantage for wallets.

MacDailyNews Take: By all accounts, AirTag is a good seller. We’d like to see Apple add a wallet-ready AirTag ASAP. In fact, we’d expected it’d be on the market already.

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