Apple hid the ‘Dynamic Island’ in Jamaica

Apple hid its iPhone 14 Pro “Dynamic Island” in Jamaica by trademarking the term there on July 12th. This wasn’t discovered because it’s only possible to search for trademarks filed in Jamaica by physically going to the country’s trademark and patent office.

Apple's morphing 'Dynamic Island' iPhone 14 Pro 'pill' is genius
Apple’s morphing ‘Dynamic Island’ featured on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max

Mark Gurman via Twitter:

Apple trademarked “Dynamic Island” in Jamaica on July 12th. This wasn’t discovered because of a fascinating reason: you can only search for trademarks filed in Jamaica by going physically to the country’s trademark and patent office…

Apple has now trademarked it in New Zealand, which is searchable online, and the trademark application discloses that Apple reserved the name earlier in Jamaica in July.

MacDailyNews Take: Seriously, where’s a better place to hide a Dynamic Island than in Jamaica?

On that note: Interns, TTK. (And get us a case of Red Stripe while you’re at it!)

A toast to the extraordinary life of Queen Elizabeth II and to King Charles III, the new King of Jamaica.

Cheers, everyone! 🍻🍻🍻

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