Apple Watch leads rescuers to missing man with Alzheimer’s

According to officials in New Hampshire, a three-day search for a missing man with Alzheimer’s ended in success thanks to his Apple Watch.

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Julia Marnin for the Sacramento Bee:

After Patrick Hart, 59, walked off from his home in Warner while wearing his watch the afternoon of Aug. 21, he was nowhere to be found as local and state authorities went looking for him, according to New Hampshire Fish and Game Law Enforcement.

Rescuers tracked Hart down on Aug. 23 after information gathered from his watch pointed to his potential whereabouts, an agency news release says.

Prior to him being found, it was believed that Hart had trekked to a tough, wooded terrain called “the minks,” according to the release.

During the search, an Air Force rescue coordination center got involved and discovered Hart’s Apple Watch lost power sometime during his disappearance, the release says. A 700-acre area was pinpointed as the location where Hart likely was when his watch shut down.

A New England K9 Search and Rescue team ultimately tracked down Hart in the woods the morning of Aug. 23 using this information, according to NH Fish and Game.

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